The story so far…

I studied a BA Hons in English Literature and Theatre Studies before undertaking a Masters degree in Drama a year later. During this time I was heavily involved with a student drama society both acting and directing in several performances and gained experience in both devised and text-based performance.

In 2007 I was introduced to Sensory Labyrinth Theatre and the work of Theatr Cynefin. Following a workshop at my university in 2008, I was lucky enough to be able to go to Portugal in February 2009 on a week long training and performance, followed by a second encounter in North Wales two weeks later. In this performance I was involved with a section experienced blindfold by the audience, focusing on non-visual sensations such as touch, taste, and smell.

Poster for the 'Take the Chance into the Labyrinth' workshop and preparation for a blindfold section of the performance.
Preparation for the blindfolded section of the performance. 


Poster for ‘Take a chance into the Labyrinth’, the workshop which informed the performance of The Lost Boy (2009).



Following my two training encounters, it was time to put learning into practice. I co-directed a week long training and devised performance with a fellow masters student, working with members of a student drama society. The location influenced the development of the performance, through the grounds of a historical property and the extensive surrounding woods and gardens.

Mapping the route for Dreamescape, 2009.

During this time, I also took part in a mime performance as part of a Christmas Window-shop Festival (2009) performance following a series of workshops.

Performing in the 'Christmas window-shop festival', 2009.
Above and below: Performing in the Christmas window-shop festival, 2009.


In 2010 I took part in a sensory labyrinth performance Come the Dawn with Theatr Cynefin in another outdoor location by Conway Falls. For this performance I washed people’s feet following a section where audience walked blindfold and barefoot.

'Come the Dawn', May 2010
Come the Dawn, May 2010


In the summer of 2010, I had my first bespoke performance accepted as part of an Arts Trail event in North Wales at a nature reserve. The piece was inspired by the nature in the  surroundings and incorporated water reflections. The work was intended to enhance personal relationships towards nature, utilising photographic frames to direct the audience’s gaze and frame their viewing relationship of the landscape, by honing in on particular features and areas.

Arts trail, 2010.


More to follow soon…


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