I’m about to graduate from my self-funded Ph.D. study at Bangor University, North Wales. My thesis considered the potential for creating a therapeutic affect in immersive theatres, focussing on the sensory elements of the performance to enhance personal well-being. I am interested in developing this work further in applied settings, as well as continuing to make and enjoy immersive, participatory and sensory theatre. I currently work in dementia, on an arts and dementia project. I’d like to explore more work around the arts and dementia in the future.

I also enjoy crafts and I like making things when I get a bit of spare time.  I used to say that “My dream is to one day have a house with a little dog and a craft/ study room with one of those round basket style chairs for sitting and reading in.”. Well, I’m on my way to building my dreams: I’m now the owner of a spritely cocker spaniel puppy and bought a round wicker basket style chair from Ebay. During the summer months, I love to sit, read and daydream from my lovely vantage point.


Here’s a short Q and A with some things about me:


Q: Where did you last go on holiday?

A: I went to my second formula 1 grand prix in Monaco, with my sister last May. It was a very special experience, although I was disappointed not to see a British driver win on the day! We spent a few extra days in Nice and exploring along the coastline.


Q: Recommend us a book?

A: My favourite book is Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, but the classic’s not being to everybody’s taste, I would suggest Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next series which begins with The Eyre Affair. He’s created a whole alternate world and it’s very witty all round.


Q: What have you been listening to recently?

I went to an intimate gig venue in Bangor to see Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman. I  bought their latest album and it is on a loop in the car. They had a wonderful support act in Sera Owen and Jenny Williams and they were so friendly when I chatted to them after the show.


Q: Tell us something funny?

A: I  bought new roller skates a couple of years ago after reading an article that made me feel nostalgic. They seem a lot scarier now I’m taller: it’s further to fall!

What do you think?

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