dementia and imagination

A good conference = more train miles…

This week I went to my first British Society of Gerontology conference with the Dementia and Imagination team. I was presenting on my PhD to discuss how mixed methods research is possible (as a practice-led theatre student who dabbled in social science methods for my thesis) and the potential use of therapeutic immersive theatres in other settings such as health and social care.

I thought I might be the odd arts person at this conference, but there was a diverse range of papers and it was a really enjoyable experience, minus the hour I spent queuing for a key to my accommodation and an early morning wake up call from a fire alarm!

I find presenting is a good way to help focus my thoughts. I also enjoy thinking about the topic slightly differently depending on who you are speaking with and how you will communicate to each audience and their knowledge base. 

Since starting in February I have been to (in no particular order): Southampton, Epsom, Birmingham, Bakewell, Manchester, Rhyl (and several places in between) for various reasons. I feel a need to go and plant some seeds to counteract all this travel! 




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