‘When Autumn Passed Me By’, the final performance

ImageMy final performance study has been keeping me pretty occupied for the last two months. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes before anyone even thinks about the stage side of it. Ethics reviews done; risk assessments at the ready; props gathered; participant calls, information sheets and questions designed…  In November, during several of my usual evening walks, I became distracted by piles of leaves, usually appearing half an hour later armed with brush and bin bag to collect them. My assistant in this (the other half) took it on board with good cheer. I think he still thinks half of things I do are more than slightly weird. Generally a multitude can be covered by the whispered utterance of ‘art students…’.  

So, this Sunday, shall be aiming to cast 15 people back into Autumn and hopefully, make them reconsider the doom and gloom often associated with the darker months of the year that aren’t Christmas. In the spirit of the bronze tinged season, I’ll leave you with a few of my favourite thoughts on autumn:


“No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face.” 
― John Donne


“Her pleasure in the walk must arise from the exercise and the day, from the view of the last smiles of the year upon the tawny leaves and withered hedges, and from repeating to herself some few of the thousand poetical descriptions extant of autumn–that season of peculiar and inexhaustible influence on the mind of taste and tenderness–that season which has drawn from every poet worthy of being read some attempt at description, or some lines of feeling.” 
― Jane AustenPersuasion


What do you think?

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