Fall-ing into Winter from Summer

The lack of posting I am sad to say comes down to a very busy (PhD related) summer and the impending submission which looms ever closer as I now enter the ‘write-up’ phase of the PhD. 

I was lucky enough to be selected to attend two conferences to present papers this year. The first at the Well-Being conference at Birmingham City University in July, the second at the Theatre and Performance Research Association (TAPRA) in September, on varying themes relating to the thesis.  The first was a brief look at aspects of improved well-being through Immersive Theatre performances and the second on creating distinct categories for the varying forms of Immersive Theatre that are currently being collectively named under the one title.

The Well-Being conference adhered to its own theme and was the most refreshed I’ve ever left a conference, particularly following a workshop with The Touch Trust’s founder Dilys Price whose work focuses on the profundity of touch with those who suffer conditions which lead to multiple sensory deprivation. I certainly came across some important connections in her work, which incorporates focus on senses in turn as part of experiential learning and enjoyment that improves personal well-being. 

The second conference was a fantastic opportunity to meet with other theatre researchers (a rarity at present in my little nook of Wales!) to exchange ideas and find out the research concerns of others  on the notion of ‘immersive theatre’ (the body and technology working groups joint theme for the conference). 

Onwards into autumn and I’ve been busy finalising arrangements for a final performance project. I’m currently ready-ing the ethics forms to be sent off for approval, a very dry task indeed but a crucial one! The performance theme centres on ‘autumn’ so I am paying close attention to the season at present! Feel free to send me your thoughts on your favourite aspects of Autumn, what do you look forward to that makes the shorter days and colder weather more bearable?

The editing continues on full force and I realise my ‘infallible’ reading and note taking system has in fact been less than perfect as I now try to remember ‘that one article which mentioned something about…’ Time to flip through my back up printed documents and get them up to date!

I’m going to attempt an inspired ‘my day in cups of tea’ blog next based on an idea from one of my favourite magazine The Simple Things! (With the best of intentions for more regular updates!) with the old adage ‘too little time, so much to do!’


What do you think?

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