James Bond · nostalgia · sensory

Austerity Bond, and other new simplicities

This week I went to see the new James Bond film. It was a return to the old, a move away from the fancy gadgets of recent times and a reflection of the countries current economic climate. It got me thinking about austerity, and the language of it and how it is currently filtering through into our lives.

Most notably for me, several new magazine publications support the notion of back to the old. A theme of nostalgia and taking pleasure in the simplest of things has emerged. What I found most interesting, is the sensory evocation which emerges with this language: the smells, tastes and textures of things… ‘finger gently being warmed by that first cup of coffee in the morning, sitting and feeling the warmth of the sun, finding the reddest of winter leaves…’ the rhetoric continues on…

As we all feel the nip on our purses, it seems we are also being asked to hark back to age old perspectives on the world, and in doing so, connecting sensorially with ourselves.


What do you think?

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