Happy Easter from a data seeker!

A quick update as we start to get into the brighter months of the year:
I’m just beginning the process of going though the pilot data…. this could take a while! Fortunately, there isn’t too many to go through, but as this will be my first time doing qualitative research it will still take me some time! I’ve been to a couple of training workshops now on using qualitative data analysis tools and using qualitative data in research so it’s now time to put the training into practice. I’ll let you know what I find!

I’ve been thinking about possibilities for creating theatre around the area. One of the joys of living in North Wales is that there is certainly no shortage of possible locations. The improving weather also helps in imagining possibilities for outdoor theatre venues!

Theatr Cynefin’s latest production ‘Eco Panto’ starts this weekend and is on for 12 days, so I’m hoping to go and see that soon. It’s a Sensory Labyrinth Theatre production with eco credentials: reusing materials for props and costumes, incorporating ‘green’ themes such as climate change, waste and re-cycling into well known fairy tales (Sleeping Beauty and the like).
Also going on is a local project being called a ‘digital tea-dance’. It’s due to show Mid May and is incorporating local history into a performance to be held in Penrhyn Hall in Bangor.
Last month I went to Hendre FableFest and enjoyed the delights of storytelling in a barn. It’s really quite impressive how the storytellers can hold your imagination as they weave their tales with only themselves and a few items to engage you.
Anyway, back to work, a hard month ensues….Happy Easter!


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