On the move… the pilot project

Call for Participants
*Free theatre performance and study!*
We are seeking participants for a performance where the audience are take on a solo guided journey and encouraged to interact with the environment and characters. The performance will be on the 5th and 6th February commencing from 6.30pm onwards.
A short interview or questionnaire will take place prior to the performance and a second questionnaire or interview immediately following the performance. Participants will be asked questions regarding their experiences during the performance. The performance and study should take approx 2 hours to complete in total.

We are seeking equal numbers of participants (males and females) in two age groups: 20-39 and 40+. Due to the nature of the sensory element to the performance which can evoke emotional responses, those who may be sensitive to sensory stimulation or vulnerable to such emotional response cannot unfortunately participate.

To schedule a timeslot or if you have any questions regarding this research please contact Teri Howson at: cop610@bangor.ac.uk

This is the call that went up today to officially advertise for participants in the project. Whilst great to finally be at this stage, the call made me aware of just how much there is still left to do in the next two weeks! So as not to potentially effect the pilot project, I’ll discuss it’s theme, research and rehearsal at a later date. However, what I can say is that I shall be very busy with the latter of the three as I reach this final phase for the performance. 
The pilot will be chance to investigate a few things before my main study (again, I won’t discuss these now but will evaluate them after the pilot project has been completed). One of the main difficulties I have experienced is getting volunteers (unpaid) on board. It’s difficult to do- with so many demands on people’s time if they’re going to sign up to help with something, they automatically want to know what’s in it for them. This is easily sympathised with. With the current economic state most people are probably feeling the pinch. But with arts funding (and the arts in general) heading towards a financially difficult time, where does the money come from to pay people for their time? I have no answers to this, however, I hope the pilot study will provide me with a benchmark from which to take forward my research for the final performance project and the opportunity to promote arts research. 


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